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27. apr kl 08:00 – 28. apr kl 18:00

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Nordic Precision Medicine returned to Stockholm after a hiatus due to COVID-19.

Just prior to the pandemic Sweden launched its first ever national Life Science Strategy in eight priority areas covering the strengthening of academic research, facilitating collaboration between academia and industry, attracting more industry initiated clinical trials, and the continuous skills development needed for precision medicine and highly advanced production of pharmaceuticals and medtech devices. Across the Nordic countries precision medicine and technology developments continue at pace, truly putting them in a favourable position when it comes to taking on the opportunities and challenges of implementing precision medicine, with its promise to really transform future healthcare as well as the entire life science sector.

Since 2016 we have convened the regions leading scientists, healthcare practitioners, and industry pioneers at our annual meeting. In 2022 there was a whole lot more interaction as we finally got back to in-person events.

We enjoyed seeing you in Stockholm and look forward to meeting up again in 2023!

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